Assembly technology

Assembly technology
Assembly technology
Assembly technology

Assembly technology

We have extensive experience with various assembly systems for positioning and tightening components. We make a complete range of installations: from manual positioning and tightening to the fully automated feeding, placement, positioning, tightening and packaging of parts.

If necessary, your installations can be equipped with features for assuring traceability and eliminating human error. Poka yoke and zero defects are a matter-of-course for us.

  • Manual assembly stations
    We make customised, individual assembly workstations:according to your specific requirements and equipped with monitoring functions in order to eliminate human error. Checks, for example, could include making sure a product has been picked, a (screw) connection has been applied correctly, or that all steps in the process have been properly completed.

  • Assembly lines
    We also create complete assembly lines: individual assembly workstations which are connected with each other via a fully automated transport system. The various stations can be fully automated or involve manual operations.

  • Fully automated assembly
    In our fully automated machines, components are automatically assembled. Parts are handled using pick and place units or robots. Fully automated assembly machines are often based on a rotary dial principle. 

  • Feeding systems
    We use both conventional (vibratory bowls) and flexible (camera) feeding systems. Both systems are fully automated.

  • Pressing processes
    Pressing is a frequently used method for assembling parts. Our solutions vary from hand tools to fully automated assembly lines, with pressing forces ranging from 50 to 10,000 kg.

Accurate positioning
Thanks to our extensive expertise and experience with mechanical constructions, we are able to ensure that components are positioned accurately. We can, in fact, offer you every possible solution: from a simple handtool to fully automated robotic solutions. We are also specialised in combining various applications and processes and delivering complete, turnkey installations.

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