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Integrating handling applications within an automated process involves not only specific knowledge in terms of technology, but also understanding of the complete production flow.
We have experience and know-how in both areas and offer the following four types of handling systems in our turn-key solutions.


Pneumatic and Servo driven Transferors

Transferors offer a quick, easy and economical handling process. Both pneumatic and servo driven transferors usually consist of two linear axes and a product gripper, which we can expand with additional rotation axes. A major advantage of the transferors is the posibility to place and pick parts with freely programmable positions and adjustable speeds. That makes this handling method suitable for more complex movements in which accuracy and speed are important or in which intermediate positions are required.

Turning Station

If a product needs to be processed on both sides, a turning station offers an easy handling solution. This usually pneumatically driven unit picks the component, spins it 180 degrees and then places it back into the assembly process.



Scara robot and Delta robot

For quick pick and place processes that require high precision, handling with a scara or delta robot offers a suitable solution. These fast robots come at an economical price range and offer very quick picks in a small area.


Articulated Robot

With an articulated robot, nearly every position and direction of your product or tool is possible. This offers a flexible handling of products in various workspaces. This flexible robot comes in many varieties: from four, five and six axes varieties in weight classes of less than 1 kilogram up to 1200 kilograms. We integrate deze robots of the brands Fanuc, ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi and Epson. We'd love to give you advise on which robot is best suited for the specifications of you production automation.


Cobot: Collaborative Robot

The co-bot is a new generation robots that makes collaboration between humans and robots possible. This type of robot doesn't alway require safety fences and is suitable for assembly and/or handling processes in which high speeds aren't crucial. We'd gladly use our extensive experience with robot applications to integrate this new robot for you.

XYZ Portal System

We can design an XYZ portal system in any size, which means it often makes optimal use of the available space. Because of the fixed linear system, the XYZ portal makes it possible to realise more accurate movements on an axis than for example a six axis robot.


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