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Our solutions for assembly are always completely based on your needs and wishes. We create unique applications for your production, which optimise your profits and product quality. Depending on your specific demands, we integrate the proper amount of automated components.



Manual Assembly Stations

We offer working stations where the operator executes the assembly completely manually as individual solutions as well as part of an automated process. We design these stations in such a manner, that the operators always have easy access to all the tools they need. The working surface can be installed at a set hight or be adjustable. Even though the products are assembled manually, automatic feeding and handling is of course possible.


Assembly Lines and Machines

If your products have a high technical complexity, if you produce high quantities or if there's another reason why manual assembly is not the most suitable solution, we'd be happy to create an assembly line or machine for you. We'll make optimal use of the available floor space and reduce the cycle time to its minimum. The feeding of your parts can be done manually or automatically, completely depending on your wishes.

If your products require multiple assembly processes, an assembly line is often the most suitable solution. The parts are automatically handled and transported between the different stations. Even though all assembly processes are usually executed automatically, it's also possible to include a manual assembly station if that's required for a particular process. Just like all assembly processes, the feeding of the assembly line will be completely fitted to your products, needs and wishes.


Read more about our Feeding techniques or the Handling techniques we use at these specific pages.

The joining and marking techniques we often use in our assembly solutions can be found at the page Joining and Marking in Assembly.


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