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Our goal is to make you completely satisfied with the production automation we create for you. So naturally, we aren't satisfied with a project until you are.
To make sure we're both happy with the result, we follow these eleven steps.


Do you have an automation challenge? We listen to your requirements and turn them into a feasible project. With your knowledge of your products and our experience in machinery construction, we can perfectly complement one another's strengths.


We will meet with you and talk with you in order to understand your needs and wishes. We always aim to get a clear picture of all the relevant project information. By looking beyond the initial question, we can ensure our solution fits into your existing processes.


We seek the perfect solution for your product. Within this process, we are not bound by any standard concepts. We can rely on more than 35 years of experience. Our specialists combine proven technologies and new developments in order to come up with innovative solutions.


We will give you a complete insight into all elements involved in our solution. We invite you to be critical, which will make us even more determined to further optimise the idea.


Are you satisfied with our solution? Then we will draw up a quote in which we set out the required techniques and all agreements. You will know exactly what you get and what it costs.


Once we have your approval, we will formally set out the agreements. We regard the order as a chance to prove that we can realise your expectations. We see this as the foundation for a long-term relationship.


Our designers will completely visualise your solution. We elaborate every detail of your machine into a specific, mechatronic design.


We build your machine in-house and from scratch. Of course, we will always keep you up-to-date with all of the important developments in the realisation phase.


We initially test the machine's individual function. Next, we make products to evaluate the quality, capacity and capability of the machine. We often do so in collaboration with your own operators: an effective way of optimisation and training!


We provide turnkey installation at your production site, anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we educate and train your employees to manage the machinery effectively.


Only when you are completely happy with the deliverd solution, we feel satisfied too. We will do everything to offer you the perfect solution, for now and in the future. That is why we carry on working in the background, offering necessary support on-site or via remote service.



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