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We have all skills needed to create a production automation in-house. This means we have complete control over every project, from start to finish.
Once you agree with the solution our sales department planned in cooperation with you, the project will flow through the following eight competencies.

Project Management

Every project has its own project manager who is responsible for the entire development phase and the coordination of the various disciplines. We are your contact for financial coordination, planning, design and after care. During the project, we keep in touch with you on a regular basis so you are always up-to-date with the status and progress of the process. It goes without saying that we inolve you in all decision-making moments. We work with ERP software from Trimergo, which enables us to keep a very close eye on our projects at all times.


Mechanical engineering

Our team has extensive expertise and experience. For each and every issue, you can count on us to find a creative and effective solution. In our designs, we work towards an optimal solution to help you further automate your Industrial production process. Where possible, we integrate proven technologies and combine them in a new, unique system. If your needs don't comply with what's on the market, we develop a new solution for you. All our designs are fully in 3D, and with our experience, we can draw upon a large database of solutions.


Electrical engineering

We are familiar with advanced hardware and the technology used in industrial automation. More and more often, machine parts have their own remote I/O cabinets. Therefore, communication with the main cabinet takes place though modern bus systems like Profinet and Profisafe. In this way, we are able to build machines faster and are the machines easier to change and expand. We use E-plan software for the design of our systems, which is the standard within machine construction.

Software Design

The PLC application is the heart of your machine. We develop advanced software that is nevertheless easy to operate. In order to service your machines at a distance, we use VPN connections and camera systems. In this way, we can always provide a rapid solution to any problem: help is never far away. We can take care of the entire software development, which could include: 

  • OP-panels (with SCADA if required)
  • PLC software, PC-applications
  • Robot programming
  • Vision applications
  • Connections with your IT applications.

If your automation includes an integrated robot, we can simulate its process to make sure everything will work correctly. Our software engineers are able to create simulations for the robot brands Fanuc, ABB and KUKA.


We produce our parts using both conventional machines and CNC machines. The fact that we do our machining in-house, means we are flexible and have a better control of our overall project planning. Thanks to our CAD-CAM connection, we are able to enter the geometry designed by our engineers into the CNC machines in 3D. We quickly have access to the correct data and are capable of efficient machining. New parts can therefore be produced with an optimal speed.


We assemble all machines in our own production hall, both electrically and mechanically. If possible, we run a complete production series in order to test the machine. Our assembly department fulfills the following tasks: 

  • Mechanical assembly, including pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Assembly of the control cabinet and wiring in the machine
  • Measuring of machine parts and products

Quality Control

We optimise your machine when it comes to speed as well as quality. Furthermore, we measure the tools in your machine. We have a dedicated measurement room and a high performance measurement arm that checks the specific dimensions of your machine.

We measure the desired dimensions from the 3D CAD model and set them nominally. The results are presented in a measurement report, which serves as a solid foundation for future production and dimensional consistency tests.

Besides checking the quality of the produced machines, we make sure our complete company functions according to the highest quality and safety standards. We are therefore ISO 9001 qualified.


In the test phase, we fine-tune the machines as a whole, including software controls. In other words: we make sure your machine is production-ready.

We assess the quality and output speed, set parameters and optimise all other settings. Besides speed and quality, we assess the uptime of the machine.

Your operators are very welcome to take part in the testing phase and to make an active contribution towards this fine-tuning operation. We will provide work instructions and familiarise them with the controls of their new machine.


We aim for long-term relationships with our customers, so our services do not stop once we've delivered your automation solution. If you need any support, we're always happy to help you. 

Initially, we will try to solve issues via remote control. This is a secure connection that we use to access the machine's software from our own production site. In this way, remote control offers a cost-effective way to quickly help you with concerns about your machine.

If remote control can't offer the solution to an issue, we of course come over to your production site. We will discuss the problem, take a look at the machine and make sure everything continues to work the way it should.



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