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We build test applications in order to fully automate the final checks on products. The test application verifies the effectiveness and/or quality of the product and prevents any deficient products from being sent to your customers. We are able to build ten kinds of tests to check your specific products.

  1. Functional Test

Of course you want to be completely sure your assembled products fully meet their specified properties. This is checked completely in-line with our functional test by connecting your products electrically and pneumatically and following a specified test protocol. The connection of the product can be done either manually or fully automatic with docking connectors.


  1. Leakage Test

We integrate renowned brands to test whether the internal and external leakage of a product is within the established standards. The products are testes completely in-line or can be placed manually before they are checked with a pressure drop test or a flow measurement. This test is suitable for valves, exhaust parts, cast parts and turbochargers, among others.


  1. Flow Test

To test whether the flow through the component is within the set specifications, we close the product openings and measure the flow under overpressure or vacuum. In addition to a complete in-line test, we can also opt for a stand-alone flow test in which the valves are manually placed.


  1. Geometry: Measuring Fixtures

Measuring Fixtures can assure you that a (cast) product is suitable to continue in your process. With pins we check if all needed holes are present and all assembly surfaces are checked with probes. Your products can be placed and taken out either completely automatically or manually by your operators.


  1. Geometry: 2D Surface Inspection

The surface of your product can be fully automatically checked in-line with this test for damage such as cracks and deformations and possibly for color.


Multiple Functions

As a producer, you need 100% control over the quality of your products. Our test machines leave nothing to chance. Besides offering individual test equipment, we specialise in combining multiple measurement functions in one combined testing application. 

  1. Geometry: 2D Completeness and Type Inspection

With this test we ensure that the correct product has been picked up and we check whether all components have been placed. This test can be executed fully in-line as well. 


  1. Geometry: 3D Quality Inspection

The 3D quality inspection offers many advantages. The geometry is checked, the presence of all parts is checked, the presence of holes is tested and the absence of damages is confirmed. During a 3D quality inspection, the measurement results can be stored, so you can show them to your customer as proof of good products. You can also use these data for analysis and thus improve your production process. In this way, the 3D quality inspection not only provides test results, but this technique also offers the possibility of reducing the amount of reject components.


  1. Sound Measurement

In cases where it is important that the end user is not disturbed by annoying noises from the product, we objectively measure the noise level using accelero gaugers.


  1. Force and Torque measurements

We use load cells and travel measuring systems to check the delivered momentum and the power of components. This gives you an objective measurement of the delivered force and torque.


  1. Electric Properties Test

We can test electric drives and electrically powered components for voltage, current and resistance of the diode forward direction. With these functional tests you can be sure that the products meet all requirements.


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