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We've created solutions for customers in many different branches and our working area has virtually no boundaries.
To give you some insights into the markets we serve, you can find our six main customer branches below.


Most of our automation solutions are dedicated to the production of automotive products. Within this automotive sector, we mainly serve tier 1 and tier 2 customers. We’ve already created solutions for this branch in every category we offer: assembly automations, various joining machines, test equipment and modular solutions as well.


Some of our larger customers operate in the electronics sector, mainly aimed at the printing industry. The solutions we create for them are mostly focussed at assembly and handling techniques. We do however have experience with other techniques applicable in the electronics industry as well, such as packaging and diverse joining techniques.

Life Science

In the ever-growing industry of life science, it is critical to supply for demand and to keep products affordable for customers. We like to contribute to these goals by offering automation solutions dedicated to your specific life science products. These solutions could for example include handling, packaging, sealing and marking.

Renewable Energy

We are able to automate various processes for the renewable and alternative energy industries. With our assembly machines and lines, our handling techniques and our joining solutions you can be sure of a cost-effective and high-quality production of your solar panels, heat exchangers and other renewable energy products.

Construction Products

Automation in the construction product sector is very diverse, as are our customers and their products in this branch. For every specific product, we create a dedicated solution. From concrete tiles to rolling doors: we make sure your construction products can be produced exactly how you want them to.

Agri & Food

Everyone likes their food to be processes properly and animals to be treated well. We therefore like to contribute to the agricultural sector and the food processing branch by offering production automations for products used in these industries.


A major part of our customers however operate in different segments than the ones mentioned above. As our techniques are extremely versatile, they can be applied in countless markets and production processes. We have all competencies in-house: from engineering to testing. This means we are not limited to existing options, but are able to create new concepts completely from scratch. Your benefit: a dedicated production automation completely fulfilling your specific demands.

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