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We introduce: Cindy Hendriks, our HR Business Partner

I am Cindy, born and raised in Mill and together with my partner we have 4 children aged 13, 14, 15 and 16 years old.
In addition to working and a large family, I am fairly sporty and I spend a few hours a week in front of the group as an instructor in the gym.


◀️ What’s your professional experience?

Working with and for employees has been on my CV for over 15 years, of which a year now at Manders Automation. From the first moment there was a good click and the same view on things, so the choice to work here was made fairly quickly.

Cindy Hendriks, HR Business Partner at Manders Automation


💬 How do you experience your role at Manders?

Manders is a nice, informal company that looks for the best solution for an automation question together with the customer. Machines and robots that we design and make for various industries are always custom-made and therefore always different. Given the technological developments, this requires a great deal of knowledge and independence from our employees. We believe it is important to empower people and let them do what they are good at. Where possible, we encourage employees to develop not only solutions but themselves as well. The fact that this is inherent to employee satisfaction is self-evident to me.

In my role as HR Business Partner, I am involved in all aspects of personnel, from recruiting employees to sustainable employability and from personnel planning to absenteeism. I hold a solo position and that means that everything related to human resources can be part of my job. This is also what I prefer to do; the versatility and variety means that no day is the same and that fast switching is simply part of it.


🔮 What do you expect from the future?

Looking back at a busy, eventful but above all fun year, I don’t expect the future to be any different. With beautiful and challenging projects on the agenda, I'm sure I won't have to be bored in the future and I'm looking forward to it!

Like our machines, Manders also continues to develop. We are therefore regularly looking for experienced, enthusiastic and driven people with a passion for the profession, but our door is also open to students who are looking for a learn-work company!