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We introduce: Bart Janssen, our new Control Engineer

After his graduation internship Bart started to work for us in the software department. He introduces himself briefly and tells what his activities are and how he experienced the first months with the team:

That's right, my name is Bart and I have been employed at Manders Automation for 2 months now. I will introduce myself shortly. I was born and raised in Horst and I am 27 years old. I still live there now. I also have a passion for football & technology.

Bart Janssen, Control Engineer at Manders Automation

 What did you do for this?

Before I started working at Manders Automation, I studied Mechatronics at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo. I started this study in 2018 and now, 4 years later, I have successfully completed it. At the start of my studies I didn't know exactly what kind of position I wanted to work in. This was because I found all disciplines of the Mechatronics study interesting and fun (and I still do!).

In the end, in the 3rd year, I started to think carefully about which direction I wanted to go (software / mechanical / electrical). This was because I had my first internship this year. I then made the choice to go for a software assignment. This is because it seemed wonderful to me to bring machines to life with the software I develop. During testing, all aspects also come together (mechatronically). So I performed a software assignment in which I had to provide an old machine with new software. My task was to optimize the machine and add new functions by means of updated software. When I had successfully completed this assignment, it gave me the confirmation I needed. From then on, it was clear to me that I wanted to become a Software Engineer after my studies.

Ⓜ️ How did you end up at Manders?

In my graduation year I started looking for a company that suited me. In this search I ended up at Manders. This because of the high diversity of the solutions/machines that Manders realizes. I then started my graduation assignment at Manders in January 2022.

The assignment I was given was a mechatronic assignment. So I was involved mechanically, electrically and with software. This made it a lot of fun. During my internship I was always well guided by my colleagues. When I had questions, I could always contact anyone and everyone. Because if this, I always enjoyed going to work during my internship. As a result, I successfully completed my studies at Manders. Due to the fact that I had such a good time here, I also decided that I wanted to continue working here.

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Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving What do you expect from the future?

For the foreseeable future, I will continue with the assignment that I had not yet fully completed during my internship. For now, I am determined to complete this assignment completely. I want to gain a lot of experience. This by carrying out projects and courses in the field of software. I hope that we will be able to realize beautiful machines together in the future.