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Thanks Huub!

Last Friday we had a goodbye party for Huub, who will now enjoy his retirement. Sixteen years ago, in 2007, he joined us as a technical documentalist. This suited him well, because he has performed this role to this day. In addition, Huub feels very much at home in education and has been passing on his technical knowledge in evening classes for years.

For Huub, the position of documentalist meant more than just writing manuals. He also had a lot of additional tasks with us. For example, he was a knowledge carrier and source of information for machine safety issues, he maintained contacts with suppliers of printers and plotters and he was also a trouble shooter for these devices. He also managed, for example, standards and guidelines, he maintained a manageable archive and ensured that this was regularly cleaned up.

In this way he has ensured that a lot of projects have run smoothly. We do not know exactly how much material has been processed by Huub since 2007, but if we have to estimate something, then just under 1,000 orders of serious size have passed through his hands.

Huub, thank you for your collegiality and everything you’ve done for us. We wish you a lot of fun with your free time, your hobbies and your family. As written on your t-shirt: We won’t ask you to do a damn thing. Enjoy!

Huub          Huub

Huub          Huub