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Hand tools for SEE

At Manders we are happy to help you set up or improve production processes. We usually design and build a production machine or assembly line for this, but that is not always the case. For example, we were recently able to support SEE, formerly Sealed Air, in an improvement process with a number of simple, but effective hand tools.


Sealed Air handtool


About SEE

SEE is the world leader in food safety, hygiene and product protection. They offer high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions and thus reduce transport costs and CO2 emissions. The Nijmegen office is part of the European Product Care division, including sales, technical support, customer service and supply chain. Nijmegen also acts as a production location and distribution hub for packaging systems and materials in the EMEA region.



At SEE, films are extruded and wound onto cardboard cores. These cardboard cores are first slid onto a winding shaft. They are then secured by inflating integrated bellows via a valve in the winding shaft. This is a manual process where the operators are of great importance. They had to hold the axle while inflating it and apply considerable force to a valve with a blow gun. Unfortunately, this process often led to shoulder complaints and SEE wanted to remedy this.



To remove the burden on the operators' shoulders, an improvement in the process was necessary. We have taken up this challenge at Manders. We have designed new tools so that the operator does not need two, but only one hand to operate them. The tool clamps itself on the shaft and simultaneously applies compressed air to the valve. This means that no more force needs to be exerted on the axle.


Oude en nieuwe situatie SEE - Sealed Air



The new tools ensure less absenteeism due to illness and therefore a more stable production process. But the most important result is the satisfaction of the operators, who are happy that the tension is off their shoulders and can now work in an improved environment.


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