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Thanks Huub!

At the beginning of next year, our colleague Huub van den Heuvel will stop working at Manders after 37 years. On April 1, 1986, he officially joined us. He came from the construction industry, so it took some time getting used to and retraining from centimeters to millimeters and often even more accurate. After having worked for some time in the machining department, he made the step to a position as a machine mechanic and in 1994 finally to work planner.

This role was perfect for Huub. For years he took care of the purchase of all materials and tools and arranged that the logistics of items from engineering to the workshop were streamlined. In addition, we have also appointed him several times as a project manager because of his enormous knowledge and experience. Huub's drive has ensured that customers received their machines on time and that these customers are still happy to work with us after all these years.

Over the years, he has been working less to be able to do more chores at home and enjoy his grandchildren. For Huub, the time has now come to do this full-time. But first we celebrated a nice farewell party with him last Friday.

Huub, thank you for many years of commitment and collegiality. We wish you a lot of fun and happiness with all the free time you can now spend on fun hobbies and family. Enjoy!

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