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We've developed a quick method to weld products: our Duo Resistance Welding Machine. The machine's two cells are able to execute different resistance welding techniques at the same time. The base of the machine is universal, the tools are specific for every product. Your advantage: a faster and more efficient production.

How it works

The way the Duo Resistance Welding Machine works, is simple: while one product is being welded in the first chamber, the operator can take out a product and place a new one in the second chamber. When the welding process has started in the second chamber, the operator can go back to the first chamber and the process starts again.


Different parts

With the Duo Resistance Welding Machine, not only two different welding processes can be executed at the same time, two different products can be processed at the same time as well. The standard machine is equipped with a mid frequency, direct-current inverter with integrated process control for achieving a manageable welding process.


The advantages
  • Short cycle times
  • Suitable for the combination of different welding processes, e.g. projection welding and spot welding
  • Limited use of floor space
  • Suited for high production quantities
  • The combination of multiple products in one process is possible



Duo Resistance Welding Machine

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