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We have extensive experience in the integration of welding processes in automated solutions and take care of all details.
Protection against spatter or fumes, cooling of electrodes and fixtures, maintaining product tolerances and all other important elements of your solution: we take care of them.

We create solutions for spot welding, projection welding and sometimes capacitor discharge welding. Our machines always match the specific requirements of your products, as we develop and build our solutions from scratch and completely in-house. In this way, we have full control over the result of the project and the functionality your machine. In addition to our tailor-made machines, we also offer standard machines that can be adapted to your wishes with different building blocks.


Spot Welding

Many industries benefit from the application of spot welding, of which we are most experienced in automotive solutions. We’re therefore not only capable of applying regular spot welding processes, but also offer combined joining applications which are often requested in this industry. In these combined solutions glue is added to the joint, which significantly increases the strength of the connection. We’re able to combine these two processes with only one robot in one single cell.

In case the requested output of your spot welding machine is not feasible with a single regular  welding gun, we can boost the speed by applying multiple welding cylinders to work simultaneously on a product. Furthermore, the waiting times of your operators are limited as this multiple cylinder concept optimises the balance between operator and machine takt time.  


Spot Welding                    Projection Welding


Projection Welding

Projection welding can be used with or without fasteners, with joints based on nuts or screws being the most common application. To make sure your process and machine are as versatile as possible, we often make use of flexible feeding solutions. All possible feeding solutions we offer can be found at this page.

As the orientation of the projections has to be 100% sure, we always measure and monitor the actual melt-down and are able to apply various detections and checks depending on the geometry of every specific fastener. Examples of these are a displacement detection of the welding actuator or the ceramic pin, a vision sensor to check the orientation or the use of special electrode geometry.

Contrary to regular welding machines, we place the welding cylinder in an inverted position. This feature speeds up the process by allowing the reloading of the electrode during movement of the product to the next welding position. In case you need multiple fasteners to be applied to a single product, we offer multi-head welders. These welders can weld up to four different fasteners to one product and their electrodes can be exchanged quickly thanks to their unique design.

We are able to achieve welding forces of over 4.000 kg by combining multiple cylinders to one electrode, which offers great benefits for processes that require increased forces.

We are able to integrate three kinds of arc welding methods in the machines we make. We are experienced in:

  • MIG/MAG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Plasma welding

Furthermore, we create welding fixtures to enable you to add new products to your existing welding processes.

One of the most modern welding techniques is laser welding. A laser beam brings energy into the material to be welded. Due to the small spot and the high energy density, we can realise small welds at a high speed. This technique is suitable for metals, but can also be used for welding non-conductive materials such as plastics and glass.

We like expanding our experience by applying our knowledge and skills in new areas, for example in new techniques such as ultrasonic welding. So if you're looking for a technique that is not mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us anyway!

Welding Techniques

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