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We offer various processes for mechanical joining, both with and without fasteners. Depending on the application, we choose the configuration that is most suitable for your production. The fully automated joints will have a high quality level guaranteed by process monitoring.

With self-piercing rivets, we can connect different material types to one another. A common example is the joining of sheet metal and aluminium parts. Similar to flowdrill screwing, this process consists of only one step and doesn't require pre-drilled holes. The required pressing force is usually created by a servo driven spindle, which offers maximum control over the pressing process and cycle times. We have experience with self-piercing rivets of all major suppliers, such as Böllhoff, Emhart, Henrob and Eckhold.

To increase the strength of the mechanical joint, you may opt for the additional application of glue to the materials. Our modular ADAPTIX concept offers the ideal solution to combine the mechanical and adhesive joining processes in one single cell.

Flowdrill screwing differs from normal bolt or screw connections in the ability of the screw to pierce itself through the materials. This means there is no need to create a hole in the material before starting the joining process. We spin the screw to create heat on the surface of the materials that need to be joined, which will melt into each other and create an opening for the screw. Once the screw is in place, the materials cool down and stay tightly connected. As flowdrill screws can be single sidedly applied and disassembled for service purposes, this joining technique can be advantageous in various applications.

Clinching is a mechanical fastening method to join sheet metal. We use special tools to plastically form a mechanical interlock between the sheets. The process doesn't require or create heat, which means the coatings on your sheet metal stay intact.

Mechanical joining techniques are often combined with other joining techniques such as gluing or spot welding to increase the strength and endurance of the connection. We are able to combine and integrate various joining techniques within an all-in-one solution. You no longer need multiple machines within your process, which reduces logistical movements and interim stock in your production process.

Mechanical Joining Techniques

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