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Adhesive Bonding

Adhesive bonding is a steadily growing technique which can be applied in a wide range of industries and to a wide range of products. With adhesive bonding, strong joints can be created, but only if all specific process conditions for the particular product are respected. Examples of these crucial conditions for the quality of the bond are the preparation of the surfaces, the positioning of the parts and an effective curing process.

Fortunately, we have already implemented a variety of adhesives in automated lines and are experienced in both one and two component adhesives, hotmelts and silicone filler materials. To make sure all requirements for the specific adhesive process are met, we always look for a supplier that best matches a particular project. Examples of suppliers we often cooperate with are Rampf, AtlasCopco, Lutzke, Dopag, Nordson, Scheugenpflug and Viscotec.


Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is often needed as an additional process for a proper adhesive bonding or gasket production process. To increase adhesion capabilities, our customers prefer integrated, in-line preparation with cleaning systems or plasma treatment. For these primers and cleaners, we make dedicated preparation stations with integrated process control and fume extraction if needed.


Curing on Demand


COD - Curing on Demand

Usually, a substantial curing time is needed before an assembled part can be handled. During this curing time, the part should be placed in a fixed position, which increases both the size of your gluing application and the cycle time of the machine. To avoid this problem, Vulkan AG and TIC developed a special process: COD - Curing on Demand. We've already integrated COD succesfully in a gluing application for car spoilers and we'd love to apply this technique in a solution for your products.

In the COD process, infra-red heaters that emit a short wavelenght are used. In this way, the glue absorbs all heat and your parts are not being damaged. The glue is heated quickly and the curing process accelerates. To prevent overheating, we measure the surface temperature of your materials with various temperature sensors. When a set maximum temperature is reached, the infra-red heaters stop emitting until the materials have cooled down sufficiently. After approximately just 3 minutes of forced curing and cooling, the part is ready to be extracted from the fixture.

COD Images


FIPG - Formed in Place Gaskets

Besides adhesive bonding processes, we also offer solutions for automated gasket production. As an alternative to prefabricated gaskets, these FIP gaskets are created by the use of a dispensing technique. The material used is often a two component system that is applied as a fluid and quickly inflates to a rounded seal. When we implement this technique, we also include the required automated storage system needed to facilitate the curing time of the materials.


Oil and Grease Dispensing

Dispensing oil or grease can often be a critical element of an assembly process, for example to avoid internal damage when compiling a new motor. Our dispensing applications guarantee a very high degree of precision as we apply various sensors to detect even the tiniest deviations. Thanks to the high degree of process monitoring, you can maintain a high process stability and ultimately a high quality level of your product.


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