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25-year anniversary Ingrid Lammers


🎉 Congratulations Ingrid! 🎉

Last Friday we celebrated another wonderful anniversary at Manders. This month marks 25 years since Ingrid started at the mandersgroup.

On May 1, 1999, Ingrid started as a secretary at Manders Industries. Two years later she switched to Manders Automation in the role of executive secretary and sales assistant. In this early period, Ingrid witnessed the introduction of our ERP system and subsequently became our knowledge carrier of this system. Fortunately, we can always contact her with questions so that the system continues to work properly.

Ingrid has also meant a lot to us organizationally over the past 25 years. Several company parties and outings and editions of Kies Techniek Venray have become a success thanks to Ingrid's efforts.

Ingrid, thank you for being an enthusiastic, hardworking and loyal colleague of ours for 25 years who we can always count on. Congratulations on this anniversary and looking forward to many more wonderful years in our team! 🥂


Ingrid Lammers in de kantine met alle medewerkers van Manders Automation

Ingrid would have liked a Tirolerfest, so we gave her an appropriate outfit 🍺