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5th anniversary of Guus Deriks and Dennis van den Heuvel


🎉 Congratulations Dennis and Guus!🎉

As of this month, Dennis and Guus have both been working at Manders for 5 years.

Guus started working with us in 2019 as an electrical engineer. Not only did he use his experience to provide a good structure to our drawing package, he later also took good care of his new colleague Peter. We can always contact Guus with electrical technical questions and he is always ready to help so that we get the right insights and solutions.

Dennis is also celebrating his five-year anniversary this month, but he actually worked with us much earlier. During his school years he was already part of the Saturday workers team at Manders and later he also did an internship here. But in 2019 he started in the position of work planner in the machining department. Since then, the work preparation has become a lot more professional with Dennis' efforts and knowledge.

Guus and Dennis, congratulations on these anniversaries and on to the next five years! 🥂


Guus Deriks 5 jaar bij Manders Automation



Dennis van den Heuvel 5 jaar bij Manders