Core technologies

Core technologies
Core technologies
Core technologies
Smart solutions when it comes to resistance and arc welding: rapid and efficient applications with high in process quality assurance standards
Mechanical joining techniques
Including fastening applications, clinch connections and self piercing rivets, possibly in combination with other core technologies.
Test machines
Geometry, functionality, leak measurement, part presence, force: we can measure it all; separately or in a combined application

Assembly technology
From individual stations to turnkey installations, with poka yoke and zero defects as the basic principles

Automated applications for one and two component adhesives, with or without pre-treatment
Fully automated dispensing stations for applying grease and oil to product parts
From machine loading and pick & place to robot handling and vision-supported picking: we have extensive experience with it all
Metal working
De-burring, threading and punching with a high degree of accuracy

Core technologies

Our core technologies provide a good overview of what we actually do and how we could contribute towards optimising your production process..

The solutions we offer, however, extend much further than the technologies you see here. Would you like to know more? Then contact us for tailor-made advice