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Practice board for ICT students of Gilde Opleidingen Venray


Practice Board Gilde Opleidingen Venray

We love to share our enthusiasm for industrial applications with others. To help students with an interest in technics, we regularly offer internships and participate in the Kies Techniek event in Venray. But we also want to show the possibilities of automated industrial applications to students who’ve chosen an ICT course. That’s why we’ve developed a practice board in collaboration with teachers Fred Jacobs and Niels Janssen of Gilde Opleidingen. They will use the board in their IoT lectures of the ‘Software Developer’ course at the campus in Venray.

The practice board consists of ten pneumatic cylinders which can be controlled by the valve island by means of electrical signals. The objective of the board is to teach students how programming for industrial applications works. For example, they can experience how the cylinders should be programmed in a particular order, or how to make them function at the same time. Every cylinder is equipped with magnetic contacts which tell whether the cylinder is turned in or out. In this way, the practice board directly shows the students the effects of their program.

We wish the students of Gilde Opleidingen Venray lots of fun with the practice board and hope to welcome them to our industry in the future!