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Land van de Makers


We at Manders Automation know that the manufacturing industry of North-Limburg is an important sector for success in almost every production industry. Within our own region, of course, but also far beyond. However, many people don’t know which companies operate in this area and what they contribute to the manufacturing industry.

‘Land van de Makers’ (Land of the Makers) was therefore set up to put these companies on the map. The platform is an initiative of Rabobank Venlo e.o., Canon Production Printing Netherlands B.V., Technovalley Limburg and Crossroads Limburg. We share the vision of this initiative and from now on we can proudly call ourselves a member of Land van de Makers.

More information about Land van de Makers can be found on the website and on the LinkedIn page.

Overhandiging van de Land van de Makers-box door Flip Dolmans aan John Thijssen

Handing over of the Land van de Makers box by Flip Dolmans (Canon Production Printing) to John Thijssen