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Harry van den Munckhof retired

On Friday 29 October we said a festive goodbye to Harry, who is retiring after having worked for Manders for more than 31 years.

Harry started at Manders Machines in 1990 in the position of 'Conventionele Bankwerker, Verspanend Technicus'. Louis Manders soon saw Harry's qualities and so Harry fulfilled the position of head of department from 1993. This turned out to be the perfect role for him, as he has been in great control of the machining department ever since. But Harry was not only concerned with the permanent employees, he also taught many trainees the tricks of the trade. With his patience and perseverance he has given so many students a wonderful internship.

His role as machining leader/department head fitted Harry like a glove. No matter how much work had to be done, he organized it. Even if the assembly department  submitted changes, they were easily handled and carried out with great enthusiasm. In recent years Harry has been increasingly involved with calculations, which has helped us enormously to offer our customers the best possible price.

Harry, thank you for everything you have done for Manders Automation and on behalf of all your colleagues: Enjoy your retirement!


Pensioen Harry van den Munckhof