Modular robot cell

Modular robot cell
Modular robot cell
Modular robot cell

Modular robot cell

In our modular robot cell, your processes are not rigidly linked to the robot itself but set up as separate stations within the cell. The robot can therefore be flexibly linked to various process modules. The fact that it can be changed to suit your needs means you achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility.

This modular robot cell, which we developed ourselves, works on a base frame. Any product changes are fully automated. The robot moves the product from module to module, allowing you to combine multiple processes in one cell.

Moving with the times
The concept really comes into its own when new products and/or processes have to be added. This is ideal if you would like your production process to keep up with developments in the market. Conversion costs are thus kept to a minimum.

Flexible and efficient
The fact that the processes are set up in a stationary manner keeps wear and tear to hoses and cables to a minimum.Stationary processes are also less sensitive to breakdowns. This is beneficial in terms of the reliability of the installation and keeping your operational costs low.

Modifying and expanding
If you can't be sure which products and processes you may need in the future, the modular robot cell is the flexible choice that limits your risk. The robot cell is based on a basic module that can be modified or expanded with new modules as you require.

You could go for one of our standard modules with proven technology. Or, if you require, we can develop a module that is tailor-made to your needs.


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