Metal working

Metal working
Metal working

Metal working


The metal working process is usually an element of a complete machine. It is one of the many processes that we can integrate into our production line.

We specialise in three forms of metal working:

  • De-burring
    With a tungsten carbide burs, brush or abrasive belt, depending on the product and the part that has to be de-burred

  • Thread forming
    Various in-house developed applications that guarantee a high degree of quality

  • Punching 
    Various forms and sizes, with a high degree of precision.

We often integrate metal working modules in a CNC machine loading cell, e.g. as an integrated finishing process. De-burring is often a secondary rather than a primary process. Handling and finishing processes are often, therefore, completed by a loading robot.

Integrating the metal working aspect into the overall process reduces the number of process steps and allows you to combine more processes within one multifunctional cell.

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