Mechanical joining techniques

Mechanical joining techniques
Mechanical joining techniques
Mechanical joining techniques
Mechanical joining techniques
Mechanical joining techniques

Mechanical joining techniques

Our mechanical joining techniques are often used for applications in automated assembly lines. We offer various processes, such as fastener connections, clinch connections and self piercing rivets.

Depending on the application, we choose the configuration that is most suitable for your requirement. We can create a process that enables you to create fully automated connections, with a very high level of quality through process monitoring.

  • Fastening applications
    Within our fastening applications, both torque and displacement are monitored. A control system that detects incorrect tightening processes means you can rest assured that deficient products will not be delivered to the customer.

  • Clinch connections
    Clinching is a mechanical fastening method to join sheet metal without additional components, using special tools to plastically form a mechanical interlock between the sheets. The process does not create heat and keeps coatings on the sheet metal intact.

  • Self-piercing rivet connections
    The self-piercing rivet joining technique enables different material types to be connected to one another. The required pressing force can be driven hydraulically as well as by using a servo motor. We have experience with all of the major suppliers of self-piercing rivet equipment, such as Böllhoff, Emhart, Henrob and Eckhold.

Rivet connections are increasingly being combined with other techniques, such as gluing or spot weldingWe have extensive experience with combining and integrating various joining techniques within one, all-in solution. As a result, you no longer need multiple machines within your process; this is beneficial in terms of reducing the number of logistical movements and interim stock in your production process. 

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