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About us
About us
About us

About us

Manders Automation specialises in building industrial special machines. We do this with a no-nonsense mentality and great passion for techniques.

We are known for thinking in terms of solutions.
Whether it concerns core technologies, our own fleet of machines or our training methods: the customer and his product are leading in what we do.

Exceeding expectations
Our starting point is always the same: a blank sheet on which we write down your needs. From there, we use our expertise, experience and enthusiasm to find a solution that will exceed your expectations. We never give up;we will carry on until we have found the perfect solution for you.

What do our customers think?
So, are we always successful? Well, even if we say so ourselves;the answer is usually ‘yes we are’. On our Customers page, you can see what our customers think. 

Our company was founded in 1984 as a one-man company by Louis Manders.
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Working methods
Take a look at our working methods.
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We have deliberately chosen to retain all disciplines required for an industrial automation project in-house.
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We are active in various markets. Our working area knows no bounds.
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We are proud of our satisfied customers. Curious about what they think about us?
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We not only feel committed to our customers, but also to our environment.
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News letter
Enkele keren per jaar willen wij u via een nieuwsbrief op de hoogte brengen ...
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For general information about Manders Automation we refer also to our company brochure....
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  • All disciplines in-house
  • Broad technological know-how
Review our unique working methods
We continuously work on innovative products. Take a look at some of the solutions we’ve developed:

Dual chamber resistance 
welding machine
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Modular robot cellMore info